CfP: Global Justice and Migration (Sonderheft)

Für eine Sonderausgabe des Magazins „Global Justice: Theory, Practice and Rhetoric“ wird derzeit nach Beiträgen gesucht. Schwerpunkt der Ausgabe soll der Zusammenhang von globaler Gerechtigkeit und Migration sein. Zeit um Beiträge einzureichen ist bis Ende Oktober, alle Infos unter dem Strich.

Call for Papers: Global Justice and Migration

We are seeking contributions to a special issue of Global Justice: Theory, Practice and Rhetoric, an open access peer-reviewed journal ( published by the Global Justice Network (

The special issue will focus on the contribution, or not, that migration makes to redistribution of wealth across borders, and it invites contributions from scholars and practitioners across all fields (e.g., political science, philosophy, sociology, economics, anthropology, etc.), whose research focuses broadly on this relationship. The remit of the journal is explicitly inter-disciplinary.

We are seeking contributions on any aspect of this relationship, and include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • · Does temporary migration enable or hinder development? Do the benefits of temporary migration, the form of remittances and skills development, outweigh the harms caused by the emptying out-migration of young people from developing communities?
  • · Should developing nations prevent the exit of health care professionals who would prefer to migrate to wealthy nations? Should developed nations refuse to admit high-skilled migrants, when they know that doing so may harm the nation from which that migrant hails?
  • · Are developed nations right to deny citizenship to temporary workers, to ensure they return home?
  • · What are the development implications of low-skilled labour migration to illiberal or undemocratic nations? Are these migrants more vulnerable in illiberal and undemocratic nations, in comparison to those who labour temporarily in liberal, democratic, nations?
  • · Does the admission of more migrants into wealthy nations have a genuine impact on global wealth inequalities? If so, or if not, how should we weigh these facts in our theories of global justice?
  • · How should we weigh the rights of individual migrants to pursue improved economic opportunities against the impact that this migration has on communities as a whole?
  • · Should migration be defended or rejected on the basis of its contribution to global justice? Can migration be legitimately restricted if doing so will promote global equality?

This issue of Global Justice: Theory, Practice and Rhetoric will be guest-edited by Ayelet Banai (; Patti Tamara Lenard (; and Tiziana Torresi ( Interested contributors should be in touch to submit contributions or to inquire about our interest in specific topics.

Contributions should be between 4000-5000 words and will be accepted for consideration and review until October 1, 2011. Publication is anticipated in March 2012.

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