CfA: Zwei Doktorand*innenstellen und eine PostDoc-Stelle am Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung

Am Hamburger Institut für Sozialforschung und in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lehrstuhl für Rechtssoziologie der Universität Bern sind im Forschungsprojekt ‚Sociology of Law‘ insgesamt drei Stellen ausgeschrieben, welche auch für Politikwissenschaftler*innen offen sind: Zwei Doktorand*innenstellen (65%) und eine PostDoc-Stelle (100%). Die Stellen sind zum 01.02.2023 zu besetzen und auf drei Jahre befristet.

Die Forschungsgruppe ist interdisziplinär ausgerichtet und setzt sich (herrschafts-)kritisch mit Ideen des Rechts und verschiedenen Rechtspraktiken auseinander und ist somit auch für Politiktheoretiker*innen interessant.

Alle Infos weiter unten oder auf der Webseite des HIS.


Deadline for Applications: 10.10.2022

Within the framework of its research group “Sociology of Law” – established in cooperation with the Chair for Sociology of Law at the University of Bern –, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS) is seeking to fill

2 Research Positions for Doctoral Projects (f/m/d)
(part-time, 65%)


1 Research Position for a Postdoctoral Project (f/m/d)
(full-time, 100%)

The positions are available as of 01.02.2023 and limited to a period of three years.

The Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS) invites applications for two research positions for doctoral projects within the Research Group on the Sociology of Law (in cooperation with the Chair of Sociology of Law at the University of Bern). Applications are welcome with research projects which are located in sociology, history, political science, law, anthropology or philosophy, but at the same time seek an interdisciplinary discussion context.
The Research Group on the Sociology of Law critically analyses practices and ideas of law with a focus on the role of expertise and knowledge, on legal mobilisation and novel forms of regulation. Existing projects conduct empirical and historical research on topics such as (international) private law, environmental regulation and constitutional change or maritime and aviation law. The HIS is a private research institution in which researchers from different disciplines pursue socio-politically and historically relevant questions. The Institute offers a constructive atmosphere for research and discussion with regular joint events and opportunities to promote early publications. Current research at the HIS is oriented towards action-based theories of rule, the practical turn in political science and sociology, recent sociological research on violence, legal ethnographic studies of „law in action“ or debates in political anthropology.
Successful applicants will be characterised by innovative approaches, focus on topics previously overlooked by researchers, and/or address well-known empirical studies with new theoretical approaches. This explicitly includes studies in the global South as well as the transatlantic West. In terms of content, projects on supposedly „lawless“ and „deregulated“ spaces in global capitalism, on the „undermining“ of the state in permanent states of emergency, on asymmetrical negotiations of rule and resistance by people in precarious living situations, on the digitalisation of legal practices and fields of law, or on studies of law in the social history or history of ideas are conceivable.
The PhD projects within the Research Group are (co-)supervised by Prof. Dr. Tobias Eule. In Bern, enrolment opportunities are available in both the social and the legal sciences. For legal scholars with suitable projects, a co-affiliation with the Max Planck Institute for Private International Law (Prof. Dr. Ralf Michaels) is possible.
Further information on the Sociology of Law Research Group can be found here.

Your qualifications:
•    For the doctoral positions: Master’s level degree / for the postdoctoral position: PhD (in each case with above-average final grade) in sociology, law, anthropology, history, political science or a related discipline,
•    high proficiency in both spoken and written English; a good working knowledge of written and spoken German is desirable, but no ultimate requirement.

Benefits of working with us:
•    a remuneration comparable to salary group E13 TV-L (collective tariff agreement for the public sector) in accordance with our in-house tariff,
•    a budget for travel, books and other research related expenses geared to the needs of the research project,
•    a company pension scheme for old-age provision,
•    the flexibility needed for a family-friendly arrangement of working hours,
•    opportunities for interdisciplinary teaching at the University of Bern.

The Hamburg Institute for Social Research advocates diversity and equal opportunities, and strives for a balanced gender ratio in all areas of work.

Please send your application consisting of
•    a cover letter,
•    a curriculum vitae,
•    a transcript of records,
•    names and contact information of 2 academic referees (no letters of reference required),
•    a short outline of the proposed (post-)doctoral project (2-3 pages),
•    an academic writing sample (term paper, Master’s/PhD thesis, etc.)
all bundled in one single PDF document, to bewerbung(at)

The deadline for applications is 10.10.2022.

Should you have any questions with respect to this job advert, please do not hesitate to contact us at the e-mail address provided above

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