Workshop: Politics and Memory of Transitional Time (Frankfurt/Oder)

Am 4. Mai 2023 findet ab 14:00 Uhr ein Workshop an der Europa-Universität Viadrina (Frankfurt/Oder) zum Thema „Politics and Memory of Transitional Time“ mit Beiträgen von Gal Kirn (Ljubljana), Katja Diefenbach (Frankfurt/Oder), Lea Kuhar (Berlin), José Maria Durán Medrano (Berlin), Ksenia Robbe (Amsterdam) und Özgün Eylül İşcen (Berlin) statt. […]

The revolving doors of the „end of history“ and the long-standing horizon of postmodernism, with its primacy of space over time (Fredric Jameson), are gradually exhausting themselves in the ever-growing and multiple crises that characterise capitalist apocalyptic realism. While history and memory have long been entangled beyond national boundaries – and various critical studies and engaged artistic practises testify to a deeper interest in the „tradition of the oppressed“ – at the same time, historical revisionism and especially the rise of neo-fascist tendencies have reached levels of official institutions, becoming a global force that can once again proclaim Walter Benjamin’s dictum that not even the dead are safe. In this situation, calls to rupture with capitalist realism can be traced along very different strategies of resistance: either they evoke and mobilise resources from the utopian past or from the memory of enslaved ancestors; by challenging the notion of the future infected by growth and avantgarde thinking or by reclaiming the future in the present „warming condition“ (Andreas Malm). Drawing on critical memory studies and materialist theories, this workshop will address some of the urgent demands and challenges arising from the relationship between memory and its post-socialist transitional and post-Cold War periods; theorise the relationship between memory and capital in both its primitive accumulation and (self-)valorization dimensions; and finally discuss repair, contingency, and counter-certainty as alternative temporalities.

Weitere Informationen und Zugangsdaten findet ihr hier.

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