CfP: International Conference on Structural Domination (TU Dresden)

Vom 18. bis zum 19. September 2023 findet an der TU Dresden eine internationale Konferenz zum Thema „Structural Domination“ statt. Zu den bestätigten Vortragenden gehören Rainer Forst, Dorothea Gädeke, Philip Pettit and Lea Ypi. Abstracts zu unter anderem folgenden Themen sind erbeten:

  • How is the relationship between the domination-paradigm and other paradigms addressing structural wrongs such as oppression, structural injustice or ideology critique to be conceptualized?
  • How is structural domination manifest in relations of racism, sexism, capitalism, the workplace, labour & class, global justice & migration, automated influence & algorithmic rule (or others)?
  • Can impersonal rules and social practices dominate? Are they the types of entities that possess agency, a will or power? Or are instances of seemingly structural domination reducible to agential domination after all?
  • And if structures do play an important role in creating or maintaining domination, what precisely is the contribution of individuals? Who should be held responsible for structural domination?

Einreichungen sind noch bis zum 1. Mai 2023 möglich. Weitere Informationen hier.

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