CfP: „Children’s and adolescents’ rights“ (Moral Philosophy and Politics)

Für eine Sonderausgabe der Zeitschrift Moral Philosophy and Politics zum Thema „Children’s and adolescents’ rights“ bitten die Herausgeberinnen Anca Gheaus and Sabine Hohl bis spätestens 10. Oktober 2019 um Beiträge. Alle weiteren Informationen gibt es unter dem Strich.



Call for Papers: Moral Philosophy and Politics Special Issue

Children’s and adolescents’ rights”

Guest editors: Anca Gheaus and Sabine Hohl


Recent philosophical work on children and childhood has revealed many new questions concerning children’s and adolescents’ moral and legal rights: First, many of the questions concerning minors’ rights might be more fruitfully analysed by drawing a distinction between children’s and adolescents’ normative situation. Second, children’s and adolescents’ rights in particular areas need more scrutiny: Their rights to free association, economic rights, and rights regarding the expression of their sexuality and gender identity. Third, it is often assumed that parents have some authority over how children and adolescents may exercise their rights, and that parents can give surrogate consent on behalf of their children. But it is also increasingly recognized that children and adolescents ought, in some cases, to be allowed to give or deny consent themselves – be it in a medical context or with regard to custodial decisions. There is therefore a need to further investigate the rights of children and adolescents with regard to consent.


Moral Philosophy and Politics invites, by October 10, 2019, contributions between 3000 and 8000 words to the ongoing debate about children’s and adolescents’ moral and legal rights. We encourage potential authors to address questions such as:

– What are the differences between the justification of children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ moral rights? What are the differences with regard to the content of children’s, adolescents’ and adults’ rights?

–  What is the scope of parental authority over the exercise of children’s and adolescents’ moral rights? Under what conditions can parents give surrogate consent for their children?

– What rights do children have with respect to their custodians? Do children have a right to have parents? Do they have a right to continuity of care? What are the rights of children of divorce with respect to continuing, or discontinuing, the relationships with their parents? Should adolescents be allowed to unilaterally end a parent’s right to custody? What are the moral rights of fostered children?

– Should children or adolescents have a legal right to vote, to join a political party, or to run for office?

– Should children ever have a legal right to hold paid employment, and if yes, under what circumstances?

– What rights do children and adolescents have to express their sexual orientation and gender identity?

– Do children or adolescents have a right to free association, for example, to freely choose their friends?

– Should children or adolescents be able to consent (or refuse to consent) to medical procedures? Are there cases in which a requirement of parental consent or parental notification for medical procedures is justified?

– What moral rights do children and adolescents have to practice a religion of their own choosing or to leave a religion practiced by their custodians?


Submissions will undergo double-blind refereeing. This process is organized by the MOPP’s main editors, who make the final publication decisions.

Papers should be submitted via the ScholarOne website:


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