| Konferenz: Making Crises Visible/Invisible (Berlin)

12. November 2018, Thiel

Am 12./13. September findet in Berlin die Konferenz „Making Crises Visible/Invisible“ statt. Ausrichter ist der Leibniz-Forschungsverbund „Krisen einer globalisierten Welt“ und die Konferenz wird die Frage stellen, wie wir Krisen wahrnehmen und gesellschaftlich bearbeiten. Insgesamt gibt es über die zwei Tage verteilt fünf Panel, die sich mit Aspekten wie der permanenten Krise politischer Institutionen, dem Ende des Multilateralismus oder der Räumlichkeit von Krisen befassen. Zudem eine Keynote des Filmemachers Peter Herrmann, die sich mit dem Thema „Sichtbare und unsichtbare Krisen im Film: Über Routinen der Bewältigung und Grenzen des Mediums“ befasst. Das ganze Programm und ausführliche Beschreibungen der Panels findet ihr hier im Programmheft oder stets aktuell auf der Konferenzwebseite . Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos, eine Anmeldung aber erforderlich bis zum 22. November 2018 an:

Making Crises Visible/Invisible

Annual Conference of the Leibniz Research Alliance “Crises in a Globalised World”

Date: 12-13 December 2018

Venue: Leibniz Association, Chausseestraße 111, 10115 Berlin

The title of this conference Making Crises Visible/Invisible refers to the question of how to recognize, describe and analyse complex crises phenomena. As crises are always a result of a specific communication and perception in a competitive market of public attention, the mechanisms of their creation or disappearance are a factor of high relevance. The annual conference is aimed at all member institutes and members of the alliance as well as those academics or practitioners who are interested in crises research. The main goal is to present and to discuss the work of the alliance and to increase its visibility.

The title Making Crises Visible/Invisible might sound counterintuitive at first glance. Crises are usually understood as moments of challenge which force actors to take immediate action. Due to their inevitable and urgent character, crises are expected to be highly visible with the consequence that the mechanisms of making crises visible or invisible are scarcely investigated. However, zooming in on specific crisis-situations reveals that different actors emphasize or cover very different aspects of a crisis with consequences on how a crisis is being managed and solved.

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To register for the conference, please send an email to Thomas Siurkus at: no later than November 22.

We´re looking forward to welcoming you at the Leibniz Association in December!



Wednesday, 12.12.2018

11:30h            Registration and light lunch

12:30h            Welcome and Introduction

Nicole Deitelhoff, Speaker, Leibniz-Research Alliance “Crises in a Globalised World”

13:00h            Panel I “Placeless dynamics? Visualizing the spatiality of crises”

14:45h            Coffee and refreshments

15:15h            Panel II “Dropout from Multilateralism – Economic Consequences and Conclusions”

17:00h            Reception and Exhibition “Visible Crisis”

Matthias Kleiner, President Leibniz Association

Nicole Deitelhoff, Project “Visible Crisis”

18:00h            Keynote

Sichtbare und unsichtbare Krisen im Film: Über Routinen der Bewältigung und Grenzen des Mediums
Peter Herrmann, Movie Producer

Thursday, 13.12.2018

9:00h              Panel III “Permanent crises of political institutions between visibility and invisibility”

10:45h            Coffee

11:15h            Panel IV “Environmental crisis in the eye of different beholders: From seeing and understanding”

13:00h            Lunch and Coffee

14:00h            Panel V “Food insecurity, food price developments, and social protest”

16:00h            End of the conference

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