Vortrag: Radical Cosmopolitanism (Berlin)

Die Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms organisiert am Freitag, den 01. Juni, in Berlin einen Vortrag von James Ingram zum Thema „Radical Cosmopolitanism and Insurgent Universality: Rethinking Universalism in Postcolonial Times“. Der Vortrag wird kommentiert von Rajni Palriwala und findet von 16-19 Uhr am Institut für Lateinamerikanische Studien statt (Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, Raum 201). Eine Beschreibung des Vortrags und aller weiteren Details findet ihr unter dem Strich oder auf dem Poster.

The Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms presents:

Radical Cosmopolitanism and Insurgent Universality: Rethinking Universalism in Postcolonial Times.
A talk by James Ingram, with a commentary by Rajni Palriwala.

June 1, 2018
4:00 to 7:00 pm

Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) at Freie Universität Berlin
Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, D-14197 Berlin
Room 201

Can the old notions of cosmopolitanism and universalism, with their deep roots in ‚western‘ traditions and connections to centuries Euro-American imperialism, serve critical and emancipatory purposes in an age that seeks to transcend these legacies? James Ingram argues that they can, but that we must insist on very specific versions of each: what he calls radical cosmopolitanism and insurgent universality. Together they recast universalism as a particular logic of criticism and political action that seeks to seize and re-articulate the universal against the limits of its historically given cultural and political configurations. This radical, insurgent universalism first appeared with the invention of the idea of cosmopolitanism in ancient Greece, but in the modern world it can be identified with a tradition of revolutionary universality that took shape through the great emancipatory movements of the last two centuries. In his talk Ingram seeks to outline the emergence of this tradition in the French and Haitian Revolutions, focusing on its ambivalent relation to anti-, post-, and decolonial perspectives.

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