CfP: „What, if anything, is wrong with paternalism?“

Die Zeitschrift Moral Philosophy and Politics hat soeben einen CfP für ein Sonderheft zum Thema „What, if anything, is wrong with paternalism?“ veröffentlicht. Deadline ist der 31. Mai, alle Details findet ihr hier oder nach dem Klick:


Until not so long ago, “paternalism” was commonly used as a term of disparagement. In the course of debates ensuing from the publication of Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein, however, a more multifarious picture began to emerge. Philosophers claiming that at least some forms of paternalistic intervention are permissible, maybe even morally required, are no rarity any more. More recently, Sarah Conly’s book Against Autonomy even went a step further than Thaler and Sunstein and defended not only the skilful design of choice architectures but the head-on use of coercion in order to protect people from their ill-conceived plans and choices. Autonomy, Conly says, is overrated.

The Founding Editors of Moral Philosophy and Politics plan to publish a special issue on this highly relevant topic. We therefore invite submissions that aim at contributing to the debate on the legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of paternalistic intervention by discussing question such as:

– How should the normative concepts be conceived which structure the debate, such as (respect for) autonomy, privacy, dignity, moral status or normative authority?
– What might be the role of well-being and of personal and social relationships between persons for the justification of paternalism?
– How should the relationship between paternalism and liberalism be conceived?
– Which forms of paternalistic intervention, if any, are feasible within a liberal state?

Papers for this First Call for Papers should be submitted before May 31th 2016, and should not exceed 10,000 words in total.

Manuscript submission site:

Founding Editors
Lukas H. Meyer
Mark Peacock
Peter Schaber
Michael Schefczyk

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