| Abendvortrag 21.10. Berlin: Quentin Skinner über „Hobbes and the Person of the State“

6. Oktober 2015, Huhnholz

Am Abend des 21.10.2015 laden die Carl-Schmitt-Gesellschaft e.V. und das Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin zu einem Abendcolloquium im Tieranatomischen Theater der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Luisenstraße 65, 10115 Berlin). Ab 18:30 (s.t.!) wird Quentin Skinner über „Hobbes and the Person of the State“ sprechen. Eine Anmeldung wird erbeten und ist erforderlich. Zum Ankündigungstext:

„Nowadays when we speak about the state we generally use the word simply to refer to an apparatus of government. This lecture examines the contrasting view that the state ought instead to be regarded as the name of a distinct person. The main originator of this way of thinking was Thomas Hobbes, and the central section of the lecture will be devoted to examining his contention that the state is a ‚person by fiction‘. The lecture concludes by attempting an assessment of the idea of state personality. Has anything of significance been lost with the abandonment of the belief that the state is the name of a person distinct from both government and the governed?“

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