CfP: Global Justice and the Theory and Practice of Development

Das Global Justice Journal plant eine von Julian Culp betreute Ausgabe zu Global Justice and the Theory and Practice of Development. Das Special Issue soll Anfang 2014 erscheinen und Beiträge werden bis zum 31. August erbeten. Alle Infos hier oder unter dem Strich.

Call for Papers: Global Justice and the Theory and Practice of Development

Special Issue of Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric
to appear in 2014
Edited by Julian Culp

Global justice is a nearly all-encompassing concept, which not only permits, but makes it mandatory, to reflect upon its importance in the most diverse areas of global politics – trade, migration and tax regulation, for instance. Unsurprisingly, then, most theorists of global justice have analyzed the import of their conception for the practice of development aid/cooperation. Additionally, some also have argued that justice represents the most relevant normative concept for spelling out as to how to understand development.

However, there are many lacunae in this field of research. The continuing criticisms that the existing theories of global distributive justice entail a parochial justification of the development practice and an insufficiently democratic understanding of development demands revisiting carefully these theories. Moreover, very little scholarly attention has been devoted so far to the fact that the criteria that are employed to allocate official development assistance may lack a sound normative justification. In addition, new research in development economics on the question as to how to best explain global economic inequality promises to shed new light on moral questions regarding the proper kind of ascription of moral responsibilities for reducing this inequality. And finally, on a more practical level, few theorists of global justice made explicit contributions to the ongoing deliberations about the post-2015 development agenda.

The planned special issue of the journal Global Justice: Theory Practice Rhetoric aims to contribute to filling the existing research gaps concerning the various linkages between global justice and the theory and practice of development. We invite particularly submissions that deal with questions such as the following:

• How, if at all, can a theory of global justice lay a non-parochial moral justificatory basis for certain forms of bi- and multilateral governmental and non-governmental development aid/cooperation?
• Which forms of development aid/cooperation exacerbate global injustices?
• What, if any, is the relevance of a conception of global justice for the justification of the criteria that should be employed for the allocation of official development assistance?
• Does recent research in development economics shed new light on central issues of global distributive justice, especially with regard to the question as to whether the global institutional order is harming the global poor?
• What are the dis-/advantages of conceiving a conception of development on the basis of a specific theory of global justice?
• From the point of view of global justice – which items should be included on the post-2015 development agenda?

Deadline for submission: August 31st, 2013

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