CfA: Promotionsstipendium „Modelling and Normative Assessment of Collective Decisions“ (Hamburg)

Bis zum 15. April ist an der Hamburger Graduiertengruppe „Modelling and Normative Assessment of Collective Decisions“, einer gemeinsamen Einrichtung der Fachbereiche VWL, Philosophie und Politikwissenschaften, ein Promotionsstipendium ausgeschrieben. Die Details erfahrt Ihr nach dem Klick. PhD Scholarship “Modelling and Normative Assessment of Collective Decisions“ Call for Applications
The Departments of Philosophy and Economics at Hamburg University invite applications for a PhD scholarship (1100 € per month, tax free; up to three years) within the graduate group (“kleine Graduiertengruppe”) “Modelling and Normative Assessment of Collective Decisions”.
Ideally, candidates have a Master’s degree in a multidisciplinary programme including at least two of the disciplines philosophy, economics, or political studies. Candidates with degrees in one of the disciplines or any related interdisciplinary field will also be considered. We particularly like to encourage candidates with a background in political science to apply. Applicants should be interested in topics at the intersection of economics, politics, and philosophy (see the project description below). They should also be interested in collaborative and interdisciplinary research. Residency in Hamburg or in commutable distance is mandatory.
Candidates are expected to complete a PhD thesis in an area related to the group’s general topic. They will be supervised by members of both departments. The graduate group consists of two other PhD students and several senior scholars as listed below. It offers extensive support and a dedicated work space. Candidates will present their research in regular workshops.
Please send your application (preferably by email), including a CV, an outline of your proposed thesis in relation to the project (2-3 pages) as well as an academic reference letter to
Wiebke Probst, Universität Hamburg, Fakultät Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaften, Fachbereich Volkswirtschaftslehre, Von-Melle-Park 5, 20146 Hamburg
Email: The closing date is 15 April 2013.
Project description:
The topic of the research group is collective decision making. The main focus is on the behavioural foundations, modelling and normative assessment of collective decisions. The project encompasses fundamental research in behavioural economics, ethics and philosophy of science as well as specific applications of collective decision making, like the provision of public goods, institutions in the welfare state, electoral competition etc. Both theoretical and empirical approaches, e.g. field and laboratory experiments, will be considered.
It is vital that your proposal fits into this broad agenda, but it can of course be targeted on a topic not explicitly mentioned above. It is also important that your research promises to be of interest from an interdisciplinary perspective.
Current members of the research group:
Jana Freundt, Economics (designated PhD student) Prof. Dr. Ulrich Gähde, Philosophy Prof. Dr. Anke Gerber, Economics Prof. Dr. Mathias Kifmann, Economics
Oliver Krüger, Philosophy (PhD student) Prof. Dr. Andreas Lange, Economics Prof. Dr. Dr. Lydia Mechtenberg, Economics Prof. Dr. Gerd Mühlheußer, Economics Prof. Dr. Thomas Schramme, Philosophy

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