| Sommerakademie: Theorie und Empirie in Berlin

5. April 2011, Thiel

Noch eine Sommerakademie: Vom 17. bis zum 29. Juli wird in Berlin über „Linking Theory and Empirical Research“ diskutiert. Klingt eher technisch, aber das Thema Methoden wird ja auch die Herbsttagung der Theoriesektion umtreiben und zu den bestätigten Gästen zählt beispielsweise auch Craig Calhoun. Kosten entstehen auch keine und vielleicht gibt es sogar die Möglichkeiten für Reisemittel. Bis zum 15. Mai ist Zeit, sich zu bewerben. Wer vorher mehr Infos braucht, folge diesem Link oder lese einfach unter dem Strich weiter.

Berlin Summer School in Social Sciences – Linking Theory and Empirical Research
Berlin, July 17-29, 2011.

The Berlin Summer School in Social Sciences – Linking Theory and Empirical Research aims at promoting young researchers by strengthening their methodological understanding in linking theory and empirical research. In a first step, we tackle the key methodological challenges of causation, micro-macro-linkage, and concept-building that occur in all research efforts. In a second step, we look at how certain empirical fields deal with these challenges and – by referring to selected empirical studies – what solutions have been found to overcome them. Furthermore, participants are provided with hands-on research advices and have the opportunity to present their own work and approaches to these issues.

The Berlin Summer School is a joint endeavor of two of Germany’s leading social science institutions, the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (BGSS) at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and the Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB).

The two-week summer school both attracts internationally renowned scholars and draws back on Berlin-based faculty. Among the confirmed international lecturers are Craig Calhoun (New York University), John Gerring (Boston University), Gary Goertz (University of Arizona), Michèle Lamont (Harvard University), Dietrich Rueschemeyer (Brown University), and Jonathan H. Turner (University of California, Riverside).

The international summer school is open to thirty PhD candidates. Due to generous funding by the BGSS and the WZB, there will be no tuition fee. We have applied for additional funding and thus might be able to cover travel and accommodation costs for all participants. A decision is expected soon.
Five ECTS Credit Points can be granted due to successful completion.

The call for applications has begun. Application can be submitted online until May 15, 2011.

For additional information please visit our webpage at: or contact directly Johannes Gerschewski at

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