| Why so Serious?

25. März 2010, Schmelzle

Bei der University of Chicago Press kann man noch bis Ende des Monats „Jokes“ von Ted Cohen (Chicago) als kostenloses E-Book runterladen. „Jokes“ ist eine philosophische Analyse des Witzes und gleichzeitig eine Sammlung besonders gelungener oder zumindest bemerkenswerter Exemplare. Also endlich mal praktische Philosophie die den Namen verdient… Aus der Verlagsankündigung:


„Jokes is a book of jokes and a book about them. Cohen loves a good laugh, but as a philosopher, he is also interested in how jokes work, why they work, and when they don’t. The delight at the end of a joke is the result of a complex set of conditions and processes, and Cohen takes us through these conditions in a philosophical exploration of humor. He considers questions of audience, selection of joke topics, the ethnic character of jokes, and their morality, all with plenty of examples that will make you either chuckle or wince. Jokes: more humorous than other philosophy books, more philosophical than other humor books.“

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