| Zizek über Zizek: ‘First they called me a joker, now I am a dangerous thinker’

2. Februar 2010, Voelsen

Überrraschen tut es einen ja kaum noch, trotzdem ist es auf bizarre Weise unterhaltsam. Hier zwei der Antworten Zizek’s in einem Interview der Times of India:

How can you dismiss Buddhism so easily? It’s the fastest growing religion in the world.
In the West, Buddhism is the new predominant ideology. Things are so unstable and confusing that with one speculation you can lose billions of dollars in a minute. The only thing that can explain this is Buddhism which says that everything is an appearance. That’s why the Dalai Lama is so popular in Hollywood.

You have also been critical of Gandhi. You have called him violent. Why?
It’s crucial to see violence which is done repeatedly to keep the things the way they are. In that sense, Gandhi was more violent than Hitler.

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